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With YoreOn.com you get a lot more relaxed. This innovative  system provides harbor masters, camping owners, municipalities with full managerial control of their electricity and water supplies from a distance whilst saving significant time and administrative costs. Without the need for staff to individually check and report each berth or camp activity. YoreOn.com completes this task, allowing for an efficient way of working for marina managers and camp owners.

Berth holders and campers are also able to manage their acces to facilities, electric and water services via their phone, tablet, laptop (or any other web enabled device) via their secure YoreOn account online. What a convenience! For true enjoyment!

YoreOn app

Seijsener electricity & water metering, payment and management systems for marina's, holidayparks and mbilehome spots.

YoreOn is a smart activation and payment service for utilities which makes life easy for service providers and users. The provider no longer needs to be on hand to manage their service. Smart payment removes need for pre-paid cards. The user simply activates the required service via the app and uses the mobile payment system to pay for exactly what is used.

One system for electricity and water, campsite or mooring fees accessed via an app, telephone or internet.

Payment system


This payment system is a self-service payment terminal that allows boaters and motorhome users without a smartphone and YoreOn App to easily pay for port services and motorhome seats. Provide easy access to your place and facilities 24/7.

Without the need for staff to individually check and report each activity. This system completes this task, allowing for an efficient way of working for the provider.

Software & Tablet

Seijsener-Smart Metering & management system tablet-YoreOn.com

The operator has full control on the service via a realtime web-portal giving full breakdown of usage and users. YoreOn settles all costs via a digital invoice at the end of the mond. The service provider gets his payment quickly without hassle. It digitizes time-consuming administrative work and save time for a conversation with your guest. That’s enjoyment.

Seijsener-technique-Aanuit.net-payment systems-camper-places-involtum-Haven-liggeld-marina-camping-electric-sailing

YoreOn.com of Seijsener:

• Cost-efficient: no administration
• Mooring and berth fees are automatically collected
• Simple activation and payment available 24/7.
• Online access to see overall site electric and water consumption
• Continuous overview and updated night register
• More time for hospitality

YoreOn can be found in more than 50 municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium and has more than 35,000 users

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