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for refrigerated road transport

TruckPower from Seijsener

TruckPower assists governments, highway and truck park operators to operate and manage electrical charging facilities. Drivers of refrigerated trailers often rest or wait in parking lots. The polluting diesel generator is often running at full speed to power the cooling engine. TruckPower’s new charching stations can now allow easy, quiet and clean refrigeration. Cooling with electricity is not only quieter and cleaner, it is also cheaper than cooling with diesel! Activate your TruckPower power point via App, website or telephone. You will receive a monthly invoice. That’s a bliss!

NomadPower is installing these electric standby power services on major motorways in Europe and has seven sites in the UK as well as 40 sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Pay by phone

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Drivers can activate and pay the electricity at the parking lot or other public areas themselves. Park. Phone. Go. It’s so simple. Activate your power in the parking lot and other public places yourself. Use durable and quiet power to cool the load or charge the truck. You will receive a monthly invoice.

Power points

Seijsener Techniek TruckPower Charging Point

Seijsener has over 55 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing various charging stations. Our specifically designed charging pedestals for frigo trailers and electric trucks are equipped with two sockets each providing 32A three-phase power. It is a sustainable alternative to the diesel generator and uses 100% green power. Read the details of the pedestal

Electrical cooling

Seijsener Techniek TruckPower trailer

Cooling on electricity is a clean, quiet and inexpensive alternative to diesel generators in parking lots and near distribution cold stores. Electric cooling is cheaper than using diesel and also saves on maintenance costs of the diesel generator. It also reduces pollution. In addition, the noise for the driver and the surrounding area disappears.

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So many benefits:
• Sustainable alternative to diesel generators
• Efficient handling, activate and pay by phone
• No emissions of particulate matter and other harmful substances
• Cheaper than diesel
• No noise from running diesel generators
• 100% green power
• Network over 225 power sockets, across 50 charging points in 7 countries

TruckPower's new power points can now allow easy, quiet and clean refrigeration. Cooling with electricity is not only quieter and cleaner, it is also cheaper than cooling with diesel! That's a bliss

Power at your Truckpark?

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You can of course read more about our product ‘TruckPower’ in our brochure. So you can read everything quietly when it suits you. >> Brochure

Would you like to know all the details of our charging pedestals? Download the factsheet. So you can take a quiet look at all the ins and outs of our solutions. What a convenience! >> factsheet

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