Seijsener for smart metering and payment systems

Seijsener’s modern and innovative systems are the ultimate answer to managing and monitoring berths, motorhome spots and holiday parks. We offer you full managerial control of your electricity and water supplies from your office computer, whilst saving significant time and administrative costs. And you no longer need staff to individually check and report each berth or arrival activity, as the software or self-service check-in completes this task for you. Can we help you create more efficient ways of working? What bliss.

Pay by phone

Seijsener electricity & water metering, payment and management systems for marina's, holidayparks and mbilehome spots.

With this innovation, life gets easier for operators of ports and motorhome sites. The system allows your guests to activate their electric and water services via their phone, tablet or laptop and their secure account online. This is where they pay for the use of their services, and can view their transaction statements. So the need for individual customer invoicing has been eliminated, and instead, your marina or campsite receives all payments directly to your merchant every month. What’s not to enjoy there?

Payment & access card

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Your guests simply want to enjoy too. Seijsener’s payment and access card means no more hassle with queues at the front desk or with payment, but instead, a piece of technology in your hand that can do anything. It’s a pass, an app and money in one. Your guests can check-in remotely and they feel safe with the latest access technology. They can turn on electricity and other amenities themselves, so they never overpay. And with one command everything is dealt with and they can check-out again. In short: their stay with you will be one comfortable experience, and that’s Seijsener.

Seijsener has developed software in-house for any and every managerial system. As a manager it gives you full operative remote control directly from your office computer. You get automatic insight into the current occupation of your site, who is allowed to enter your park or port, real-time meter readings and more. Connecting seamlessly with different reservation softwares, this is easy to install Seisjener technology that offers peace of mind for managers.

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Trust Seijsener for
• significant time & administrative cost savings
• simple electrical socket & water tap operation from user’s account
• individual electric and water meter readings direct to the office
• visibility of overall site electric and water consumption
• self-service guest check-in and check-out
• our experience in implementation of many projects

Seijsener's reliable, affordable and simple systems make it easy for everyone.

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