Shore power

Seijsener for innovative shore power connections

Seijsener develops, manufactures and installs innovative shore power connections. Walstroom (which literally translates as shore power) is our solution for ships at berth to reduce air pollution, noise and vibrations. The three-phase power supply systems comply with international standards and are compatible with a wide range of vessels at any port in the world.

The introduction of Seijsener’s three-phase shore power connection systems means a breath of fresh air. It makes commercial shipping ports much more efficient. All skippers have to do is plug in and activate an app. After that, their boat will receive shore power. And everything is digitally tracked and settled. This gives you, as a manager, more breathing room. Besides that, these shore power technologies are a huge improvement in terms of sustainability because they make old-fashioned aggregates obsolete. The pollution and stench of diesel engines and the noise nuisance from generators will become a thing of the past. Would you like to know more about Walstroom and its refreshingly long list of benefits? We would love to demonstrate it to you. Just contact us to discuss the benefits!

Shore power cabinet

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Seijsener has been making shore power cabinets, shore power towers and a range of other shore power connections for close to 60 years; for every purpose, target group or objective. Our three-phase power supply stations are dependable, can include an ingenious payment system, and can be installed by us everywhere you like. Our shore power technologies for boats come in different versions and capabilities, and offer a solution for any situation.

Large capabilities

Not only commercial and inland waterway vessels need a power connection. Charter ships and cruise ships need power supply as well. That is why it is important to offer large power capacities to the visitors of your port. Seijsener Technique has developed powerlock connections of no less than 630 amps. This reduces stench, noise and harmful emissions, thus creating a better climate in your port.

Seijsener also offers shore power as a service, where users activate and pay for their actual consumption of power. The platform has a strong back-office that ensures automated invoicing and collection. You will receive a monthly overview of the actual consumption, and the proceeds will be paid automatically. This saves you as a manager a lot of work!


Trust Seijsener & Walstroom for:
• all inland, cruise and sea-going vessels
• cleaner air & reduced noise
• all knowledge & installations for the construction of Walstroom
• payment by phone, credit card or Sab Ecocard
• shore power cabinets from the first manufacturer that complies with German calibration law
• good references see our project in Germany
• additional pumps, powerlocks and other port installations

Seijsener is the first manufacturer of shore power cabinets to be awarded the German 'Eichrecht' (calibration law) certificate. This guarantees fair, transparent and traceable transactions.

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