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When you run a camping or caravan park, there is always a task to do. Your guests visit your recreation park to get away from the daily grind. It is nice when they are completely relaxed and happy. All the sanitary facilities, the power supply on the camping, the wifi on the campsites, the quality of infrastructure –  everything needs to work well to secure a nice stay. At Seijsener we understand the daily challenges of running a recreation park. We also understand the importance of modernizing infrastructure, good energy management and access to good-working technology. Seijsener is a specialist in the field of caravan park services and technology. We can save you time, make management a lot easier, and reduce costs. So your planning gets a lot easier without worries. Which leaves you time to enjoy!

Camping technology – our expertise

Expertise, effectiveness, inventiveness, quality, and commitment – are some keywords that describe our service. Seijsener has many years of experience in the field of caravan park services. Our fine reputation is based on over 60 years of know-how, and our drive to always provide our clients with the best possible, custom-made facilities. After all, holiday parks are exactly the same. Location, target group, legislation, personal preferences: Seijsener can work with you to combine all of these into a camping construction that fits your ideas.

Camping planning and construction by experts

With our in-house design and production, we aim to create technical facilities that will last for many years without a single problem. Even under extreme conditions. For example, hot summers, heavy wind, endless rains, lots of dust, salty waves and so on. We choose materials and devise constructions that will always lead to a high-quality end product. And these are manufactured by our well-trained and experienced professionals at our own factory using ISO 9001-certified work methods. On an international scale, we exclusively work with innovative, expert and reliable partners.

Seijsener has its headquarters in the Netherlands, with distributors throughout the world. This is why you’ll find products by Seijsener Leisure Services in use from Norway to Southern Spain, and from the Caribbean Islands to New Zealand.

Consultation services

With our experience we know the caravan, camping and recreation park industry like no other. Therefore we offer a bespoke consultation service to all clients. We aim for exceptional results for park destinations. Sound advice for efficient design of sites, camping planning and maintenance of caravan park technological installations and columns for electricity and water. As well as wifi solutions for the campsite.

Access technology

Hospitality, that’s what guests want to feel at a leisure park. But also safety. Unwanted visitors kept out of the gates. Traffic led on a park in good order. Seijsener Technology takes care of it all. It protects, controls, illuminates and monitors without your guests noticing. We offer safe and trustworthy camping technology, so you and your guests can enjoy a carefree time.

Caravan hook-ups

Every caravan or holiday park can achieve an individual look with the wide range of service pedestals from Seijsener. Guests and visitors expect easy use of all the available facilities, and as the manager, you would rather not have to worry about installations and maintenance. This is why Seijsener has developed a range of service pedestals such as caravan hook-ups and camping sockets. To keep both travellers and owners beyond happy.

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Seijsener as your camping agency for:

  • Consultation, design and implementation of campsites and motorhome pitches
  • Camping planning, design, production and sale of a wide range of leisure-related items
  • The widest range of touring pedestals in all colours
  • A very extensive webshop
  • Innovative energy management and payment systems – well-developed camping technology
  • Market leadership in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Over 60 years of experience on various projects and caravan park services

Seijsener is a world-leading manufacturer of distribution equipment and pedestals for caravan parks.

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