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Seijsener services for caravan parks

It’s nice if the guests at your campsite are totally happy. But what about your own peace? Are you working around the clock, concerned about the quality of electrical equipments or would you like to update the energy management

or, for example, access technology?

Seijsener is a world-leading specialist in outdoor electrical distribution equipment We can make it easier for you to spend time, manage it a lot easier, make you more profitable and worry you a lot less. For true enjoyment!

With over 60 years of experience in the caravan and park industry, Seijsener offer a bespoke consultation service to all clients and in turn producing exceptional results for park destinations. Sound advice for efficient design of sites, design and maintenance of technical installations and columns for electricity and water.

Hospitality, that’s what guests want to feel at a leisure park. But also safety. Unwanted visitors kept out of the gates. Traffic led on a park in good order. Seijsener Techniek takes care of it all. It protects, controls, illuminates and monitors without your guests noticing.

Seijsener is always concerned with the future. We offer innovative systems for energy distribution, security, reservation, registration and checkout. We build complete installations at camper locations, campsites, marinas and so much more. Everything to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

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Seijsener for:
• Management and renewal of technical installations
• Advice, design, implementation of campsites and motorhome pitches
Electrical owls, power boxes, water meter wells
• Innovative energy managementand payment systems
• A very extensive webshop
• Stable internet
• Unburdening various projects
• Advice, wide choice, fast delivery

Seijsener is a world-leading specialist in outdoor electrical distribution equipment We can make sure you have more time left, manage it a lot easier, make you more profitable and have much less worries. For true enjoyment!

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