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seijsener-techniek-qurios-slagboom-slagboominstallatie-toegangstechniek-camping-bungalowpark-jachthavens Improve your traffic flow and prevent unauthorised access

Seijsener for secured access solutions

Seijsener can provide a wide variety of secured access solutions to caravan & holiday parks and marina’s. With over 55 years of experience, our professional team of engineers can create and install the perfect security gate or barrier for you.

What type of security solution do need?

An access control system provides security for your guests throughout their stay. Security barriers and gates are installed at marina’s, holiday parks and caravan sites to prevent unauthorised access. The barriers can be equipped with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to ensure a smooth traffic flow during peak holiday season and that only registered members have access to your site. Being welcoming and creating a safe environment. With Seijsener secured acces solutions That’s a bliss!

Barrier Systems

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Our range of industry leading vehicle barrier systems efficiently allow authorised vehicles onto your site or marina while effectively keeping unauthorised vehicles out. Our solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Seijsener supplies and installs a wide range of reliable and solid barrier systems that proves its services year after year including: manually operated barriers, barcode systems /tags and number plate recognition barriers.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras work in conjunction with Seijsener’s vehicle barrier system technology to allow automatic vehicle entry or exit using a database of authorised number plates. This system checks the booking reference number and arrival and departure date alongside the car registration number to make sure guests can access the park or marina during their stay. Great for increasing security on site.

Seijsener also delivers
a large number of accessories such as: barcode paper, barrier arms, traffic mirrors and bollards. In short, various products that you can use in combination with your barrier.

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Seijsener for:
• Robust, vandal-resistant construction
• A sturdy housing in a modern contemporary design
• Every RAL colour available
• Magnetic safety pole, traffic light system and remote control
• Combine with access control management system
• Combine with autmatic number plate recognition.
• A very extensive webshop

Being welcoming and creating a safe environment. With Seijsener secured access solutions.

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Seijsener: so much to enjoy

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Use for indoors and outdoors

ANPR barriers

Innovative system without keys or passes


Securing valuable property .

Door locks

Only for competent visitors or employees

Camera systems

See remotely what's going on on your property


Range of pedestrian and swing gates