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Innovative automation and electrification technologies for the maritime sector

Seijsener technologies for global ports and maritime sectors

Commercial shipping and local authorities place the highest demands on ports. Especially now that sustainability has become so important. But who do you want to work with? Who supplies the port technology that meets the highest quality and climate requirements and which functions flawlessly in all weather conditions for many years? Please meet Seijsener.

Seijsener develops and manufactures innovative automation and electrification technologies for the global ports and maritime sectors. The specialist in shore power, connection and charging systems, powerlocks for cruise ships, and pump out equipment. 

We continually innovate and develop our technologies to ensure that we deliver the levels of operational performance, safety and sustainability that our customers demand at all types of ports and terminals. That’s how Seijsener became the first european manufacturer being granted the ‘Baumusterprufbescheinigung’ certificate for shore power cabinets.

Shore power technologies, also known as cold ironing or Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), enable the connection of ships in port to shore side electricity to power on board services. Shore power enables ships diesel generators to be switched off, thereby reducing noise, vibration and emissions, such as carbon oxides, fine dust and nitrogen oxides . This improves air quality in the port and the surrounding residential centres. Seijsener is not only the first manufacturer of shore power cabiners that complies with German calibration law. They’ve also introduced an operation and automatically billing systems so shippers can activate the shore power with an app.

Not only professional and inland waterway vessels, but also charter ships and cruise ships needs a power connection. They need large capacities – three-phase power. That’s why Seijsener offers powerlock connections of no less than 630 amps. Now large river cruise vessels can also use the shore power cabinets to avoid noise pollution, fine dust, vibration and other harmful emissions from diesel generators.



Sanitation solution

Seijsener-technique-professional-cruises-dirty water pumps

With over 55 years of joint designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing of marina pump out and pumping equipment, Seijsener is the expert in the benelux. Pumping out dirty water tanks is something skippers prefer not to worry about. That’s why Seijsener developed dirty water pumps with multiple connection points. Once connected, the pump itself regularly checks whether it still needs to be extracted. The skipper always leaves with an empty dirty water tank. The port manager can decide whether this service is paid for or offered ‘free of charge’. All installations can be made suitable for cash payments, SAB Ecocard and app payments.

Seijsener-technique-shore-power-access-technique-bungalow-municipality-camping-technique-Infrastructure-technical-products-installation techniques

Seijsener for:
• Designs, produces and sells a wide range of maritime-related items
• Products are flexible and user-friendly
• Pay shore power with your mobile phone or credit card
• Bilge Water Pump Out Stations
• Powerlocks for cruise ships
• First manufacturer for shore power that complies with German Calibration Law
• Advice, wide choice, fast delivery

Seijsener is the first manufacturer of Walstroomkasten to be awarded the 'Eichrecht' certificate.

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