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Seijsener develops and manufactures innovative technical facilities for ports and harbors of all sorts. From relatively small marinas to global ports, we create solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our offering includes a range of professional shore power technologies, sanitation solutions and our own, patented Harbour In system for marinas. Discover all the possibilities below!

Towards a sustainable port

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly urgent issue. This is reflected both in the rules and regulations for commercial shipping and the requirements from local authorities. Seijsener can help you to meet all relevant climate standards and even realize a truly sustainable port or marina. As a European leader in shore power, connection systems, charging systems, and powerlocks for cruise ships, we have grown into a specialist in sustainable port development. Our sustainable solutions are powered by constant innovation and ongoing development of our technologies. 

The experienced supplier of harbour facilities

Seijsener has over 60 years of experience in developing and supplying state of the art harbour facilities and marina technology. Expertise, creativity, quality and ambition drive what we do. Our reputation stems from our proven track record and the desire to offer our customers the best possible, tailor-made facilities, since no two ports or marinas are identical. The best solution is dependent on various factors, such as your location, target groups and personal preferences. Taking all relevant elements into account and in close consultation with you, Seijsener creates a custom design and solution that fits your port like a glove.  

Marina technology

Service pedestals

Give your marina an individual look by choosing from a wide range of service pedestals from Seijsener. Guests and visitors at your marina expect easy to use facilities, and you, as the manager, rather don’t worry about installations and maintenance. At Seijsener we’ve developed a range of high-quality marina pedestals that meet every expectation; produced according to your taste, wishes and specifications.

Harbour In

Harbour In is a patented system developed by Seijsener. It’s a simple concept: we mount all marina dock equipment in the jetty deck instead of on top. So not only the electrical equipment disappears in the jetty deck, but the water tap can also be found close to every berth, and even the distribution cabinets for electricity, complete with circuit breakers and kwh meters, are concealed under an easy to open hatch. The result? High-level facilities and a tidy jetty. With Harbour In you’re choosing an ‘invisible pedestal’ that your guests will only notice when they need it.

Infrabox for houseboats

The Infrabox is the answer for anyone who wants residential comfort in their houseboat. This type of ship with residential home facilities requires special connections that should be almost invisible due to long-term residence, but also easy to (dis)connect if you want to sail. That’s why Seijsener came up with the Infrabox. Underneath a beautiful stainless steel cover are three connections with quick couplings attached: two for the supply of electricity and water, and one for the discharge of waste water. Connections, cables and pipes are concealed under the jetty deck.

International port technology

Shore power technologies

Shore power technologies, also known as ‘cold ironing’ or Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), enable the connection of ships in port to shore side electricity, in order to power onboard services. Shore power enables a ship’s diesel generators to be switched off, thereby reducing noise, vibration and emissions, such as carbon oxides, particulates and nitrogen oxides. This improves air quality in the port and the surrounding residential areas. Seijsener is not only the first manufacturer of shore power cabinets that comply with German calibration law, but has also introduced an innovative operation and automatic billing system, which allows skippers to activate shore power with an app. 

River cruise powerlock

Not only professional and inland waterway vessels need a power connection. Charter ships and cruise ships need large capacities – three-phase power – as well. That’s why Seijsener offers powerlock connections of no less than 630 amps, so large river cruise vessels can also use the shore power cabinets. This drastically reduces noise pollution, particulates, vibration and other harmful emissions that come from using diesel generators.

Marine pump out equipment

Seijsener is the expert in the Benelux, with close to 60 years’ experience of joint designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing of marine pump out equipment. Skippers rather don’t worry about pumping out bilgewater tanks. Therefore Seijsener developed bilgewater pumps with multiple connection points. Once connected, the pump itself regularly checks whether there’s a need for suction. This means the skipper always leaves with an empty bilgewater tank. The port manager can decide whether the sanitation solution is offered as a free or a paid service, but all our installations can be made suitable for cash payments, SAB Ecocard and app payments.

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• Design, production and sale of a wide range of marina-related items
• Products that are flexible and user-friendly
• Pedestals are custom made and available in all RAL-colours
• Innovative energy management and payment systems
• the best choice of pump-out systems
• Almost 60 years of experience in various projects like a new floating battery terminal for electric boats at the port of Amsterdam

Seijsener is an expert in marina utility products and services. We make marina maintenance so much easier, safer and cost effective.

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