Seijsener technique for your municipality

So many people. So many wishes. As a municipality, therefore, so many technical matters can come at you. For example, the demand for more sustainable solutions. Or to get more holiday facilities like popular motorhome pitches. Or the need to use shore power technology in a port that makes the air in the environment cleaner. Or are you looking for an alternative to diesel generators that trucks need to cool and freeze? All kinds of questions and needs can come from the community for innovative technical solutions. The fact is that Seijsener works as a technical installer for all kinds of municipalities throughout the country. Because it’s really fun to be busy with everyone’s future. For us, too.

Many municipalities are considering creating motorhome locations to promote tourism. The increasing number of campervans will stay longer at the camper place if there are facilities, which benefits the local middle class. Seijsener has been setting up motorhome pitches for over 55 years. From simple motorhome pitches to fully automated self-service motorhome areas. At Seijsener you have come to the right place.

Sustainable port

Seijsener-technique-professional-cruises-dirty water pumps

Do you stand up for a safe, sustainable and attractive port and environment. An efficient port that works smarter, faster and cleaner. Seijsener can play an important role in the energy transition. With Walstroom for cleaner and quieter shipping. Or designing and building an electric port. Seijsener is happy to help you reduce your ecological footprint and reduce nuisance.

Many municipalities work on clean city distribution. Less particulate matter, nitrogen, traffic nuisance and noise pollution, by using electric vehicles. Seijsener offers all kinds of charging systems for scooters, cars, ships, trucks or coaches. This eliminates the need to use diessel generators and contributes to the reduction of your CO2 footprint and a finer environment. For true enjoyment! system-barrier-installation-camper-places

Seijsener for:
• First manufacturer of Walstroom with German IKkrecht certificate
• Advice, design, implementation of motorhome pitches
• Stay, power and water checkout with
• Improve the living environment with Walstroom
Charging stations,(shore and market)power boxes
• Zero-emission city distribution
• Unburdening various projects, such as: in the Municipality of Harderwijk, Municipality enkhuizen, Municipality of The Hague

Seijsener for the construction of motorhome pitches, for the creation of a quieter and cleaner municipality with electric boating, shore power or clean city distribution. For true enjoyment!

Personal advice

Allow yourself more convenience and time for the ‘fun’ work. Bring on your technical issues! We immediately make time to enjoy you. >> Contact

Plan a demo

For our smart solutions from ‘own home’ you can also plan an online demo. This allows you to remotely gather all the information you need at the moment. >> plan your demo

Market flow

Market flow makes it easy. The user activates the power for the fairground, the market, or festival itself, without going to the town hall or the manager. >> more information

Seijsener: so much to enjoy

We do so much more:

Camper pitches

Tourist added value with new motorhome pitches

Shore power

Liveable municipality & clean air quality

Market flow

Activate and checkout via an app

Less administration, more hospitality

Truck flow

Clean city distribution

Emmission-free sailing

Smart charging infrastructure

Event flow

Temporary power supplies

Charging stations

For cars & bicycles/scooters