How about building infrastructure into your plans?

Seijsener's infrastructure projects

Large infrastructure projects demand a lot of planning and a clear vision. When it comes to recreation, work and accommodation, there are endless possibilities. But in the end, everything depends on the right preparation and good construction of infrastructure. Often an infrastructure project is the centre of new recreational ventures. For example, building new caravan parks, ports, marinas, campings, holiday and residential parks. It all depends on the construction of infrastructure. It must be well-designed. Seijsener aims to design a project that will last for many years without any problems. So you and your customers can enjoy the beauty of your recreation park.

Your infrastructure partner

Seijsener has many years of experience serving the marina and caravan industry. During that time Seijsener nurtured and supported many different infrastructure projects. Over the years we gained a lot of experience as an infrastructure partner. This allows us to come up with the best designs. We also have an excellent infrastructure staff. Our well-trained professionals know how to work with any type of weather. Strong wind, saltwater or tidal waves – it is not a problem for our experienced professionals who use ISO 9001-certified working methods. We know how to create solid and durable infrastructure projects. That is why our staff designs, manufactures and installs most products themselves. We choose the materials and design constructions. This results in the highest quality. As an infrastructure partner, Seijsener prides itself on providing additional services, to make sure that any individual requirement can be met.

The best infrastructure for campings, marina’s or recreation parks

With ideas, recommendations, installations, products and the right people to shape your wishes and those of your future customers. From the parking lot to sanitary facilities. From saving water to lower costs for the reception. The infrastructure of the whole camping site. Suitable for every available budget. Seijsener lets you and your customers really enjoy themselves.

Construction of infrastructure

The construction of large infrastructure projects is not an easy task. It demands a lot of knowledge and experience to do it right. Infrastructure construction often takes a smart vision and good engineering skills. The way you construct the infrastructure also determines the rest of the recreation park. Therefore Seijsener has 3 main steps for constructing infrastructure:

Design & Consultation

Seijsener-Techniek-bungalow technique

Every successful infrastructure project starts with sound advice. And Seijsener’s infrastructure staff brings that right away. Whether it is advice about the design, construction or maintenance and management of your installations. Or consultation on existing installations, their sustainability or making it cost-effective. The broad expertise of our staff guarantees a well-thought-out technical and functional design. Resulting in tailor-made advice and a quote that fits your budget.

Installation service
Seijsener-Techniek-infrastructure-installer-infrastructure projects

Your infrastructure construction is in good hands at Seijsener. Whether it is a large or small infrastructure project. Our staff consists of experienced and certified all-rounders instead of different mechanics for each installation such as the construction of electricity, gas, water, lighting or access control. You have one point of contact, a permanent field service consultant, a permanent project manager and a permanent all-around assembly team. Who all keep quality control along the way and who use the best products manufactured and supplied by Seijsener.

Service & maintenance

Seijsener can fulfil your infrastructure project from start to finish. From good advice, a well-thought-out plan for cost-effective infrastructure, the construction of the right installations or connecting to existing networks. You can leave everything to us. We are also happy to take care of all the care in the field of service and maintenance. With preventive maintenance of your installation, you minimize the risk of failure. This will save you more time and more money.

Trust Seijsener for:

  • Being a high-quality infrastructure partner
  • First-class design and consultation service
  • 60 years of experience in the caravan, residential parks and marina industry
  • Experienced and certified engineers: work with the best infrastructure staff
  • Complete care with our maintenance contract
  • Testing & inspection service for the Benelux
  • Expertise of current developments, regulations and innovations in the industry

From first class design, to the overall implementation of infrastructure projects, Seijsener is your specialist.

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