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A wonderful development: electric driving has conquered the market. Chances are that a part of your guests is driving an electric car and in need of charging. If these are not offered, one may use the public charging stations in the area. Or just charge an electric car at an electrical outlet.

What is the best solution for your location? How can you respond to the growing need for charging facilities? Simple, talk to an EV specialist of Seijsener. Seijsener offers a complete range of charging solution for electric cars: charging stations, tailored back office charging and payment services.

Seijsener’s charging stations are suitable for any electric car, operate on smart software and can be installed by your own team. You can choose a charging station with 1 to 4 sockets and a payload of 11 or 22 kW. suitable for all electric vehicles. Checkout can be done with any charge card or app. Check out our charging stations here

Generate revenue


Charge your visitors to use your EV charging points, by simply setting your own tariffs and billing per kWh/hr session in your back office system. You have full visibility and control of all of your chargepoints. You can also view real-time activity, monitoring and energy usage.

Smart charging


Save costs by optimizing the charging process. This smart technology ensures that “Peak Shaving” is countered and that power supply takes place carefully and balanced. This prevents excessive consumption during peak hours and thus the unnecessary costs that your grid operator may charge when exceeding peak power.


About our charging stations:
• 1 to 4 charging sockets
• Car charging stations with charging capacity from 11 to 22 kW
• Type 2, universal for all electric vehicles
• Payload: up to 11kW and 22kW (3-phase)
• Branding & colour options available
• tailored back office system
• Up-to-date with smart charging

Seijsener offers a wide range charging solution for electric cars: EV charging stations, tailored back office and payment services.

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