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Seijsener's campsite design for motorhome pitches: technology, electrics hookups and sewers

Campervan holidays are definitely booming. A lot of people want to explore the world, travel around and enjoy the freedom of a motorhome. Due to this upcoming trend, campsite owners often need to optimize their current campsite design. Motorhome owners ask for flexibility: they want to come and go and an easy no-nonsense approach. To make the most out of this movement in the market it is important to optimize your campsite design.

Creating campsite pitches for motorhomes

Overnight locations for motorhomes require a number of basic amenities, such as freshwater taps, electrical hook-ups, wastewater drainage, or a chemical toilet. These can of course be set up on a campsite, but they don’t have to be. Municipalities are also increasingly creating motorhome locations to give a boost to the local economy. Seijsener has the experience and offers the technology and systems to set up the camping spot according to your specific needs.

Optimize your campsite facilities and techniques

Are you using the right techniques? Do you have enough electrical hookups? What is your camping layout? Have a no-commitment chat with Seijsener. We know all about motorhome stops and amenities such as connection pedestals for freshwater, electrical hook-ups and chemical toilets. But we also know about smart payment systems, so your guests can activate their stay, electricity and water at the camping spot themselves, without having to go to the reception. No cards, no coins, no tokens, no deposit.

Campsite design & construction

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Seijsener has built more than 1000 motorhome pitches worldwide. Ranging from simple camper pitches for single camper vans to a fenced self-service area with automatic access control and payment machine or payment via app. As your technical specialist for motorhome pitches, Seijsener offers modern solutions like this for today’s users, for any areas where you want to provide unmanned 24/7 service for lots of visitors.

Campsite products

Seijsener offers a basic package of products that you can easily install yourself. But in-house, we also develop and manufacture the electrical hook-ups, chemical disposal point, barriers and also the payment systems ourselves. As a result, we know the technology itself inside out. Our products can be ordered separately in our webshop, but of course we’re also happy to install them for you. And we have choices for every budget and every motorhome site, large and small.

The camper place app

YoreOn by Seijsener makes life simple for managers of motorhome pitches. Campers arrive at the location and log in via the YoreOn / app. They then get access to the site and can activate everything themselves – connect the water and electricity, turn it on or off, and then leave again, all at the touch of a button. And they only pay for what’s actually been used. A visit to the reception is no longer necessary – how easy is that? system-barrier-installation-camper-places

Seijsener for:
• electrical or fresh water connections, chemical disposal points, barrier installations
• self-service motorhome sites with innovative payment systems the camper spot app
• Over 60 years of experience in different projects
• A very extensive webshop
• Advice, wide choice, fast delivery

How can you take full advantage of the RV boom? Talk to Seijsener Technology without obligation.

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